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At AAA Playscapes solve problems with our specialised design, construction and the complete external works, including all landscaping projects with focus being soft fall children’s play areas and associated works including shelters, bike paths, water features, artificial landforms, turf and irrigation.

Children’s Playgrounds

Our passion is to provide the full package for playgrounds and be and industry leader in design and constructing these areas. Playgrounds need to be a place that children will enjoy, have fun, test their skills and feel like they belong and hopefully hold fond memories of the times they had.

The playground area should be more than the piece of equipment, it should be the colours and design of the soft fall, the combinations of colours and features, it should be the shade sail and its function with shade. Then we consider the surrounding landscape area for all, which needs to be accessible and perceived by children as part of their play area.

We endeavour to provide the whole package and experience to achieve these favourable outcomes.

Playground Construction

We supply and install playground equipment with preference to queensland manufacturers . Shade sails and out dour structures such as bbq shelters artificial landforms etc please contact us for brochures and advise in regards to the above and playground equipment brochures and product range.


The selection of which surface will be suitable for any commercial construction in any school, child care facility, any government parks and garden requirements, golf courses and all tourist related applications is paramount. Consider our professional team when surfaces need to be considered.

Our surfaces comply with: Australian Standards: AS 4422:2014, AS 4685.0.2017, AS 4685.1-6 2014

  • Wet pour soft fall rubber for children’s playgrounds
  • Wet pour harder rubber golf cart paths ramps
  • Wet pour design rubber features
  • Rubber coatings over existing surfaces
  • Stone with polyurethane binder
  • Designer features with stencil and paint on products
  • Artificial Turf – Commercial grade30mm and above recommended

Surface applications which are integral to all landscaping applications not only look good they also provide many ancillary benefits and are suitable for tree surrounds in public areas or areas of high traffic. As a tree surround this surface allows water to penetrate and pass through to the roots of the tree promoting a stronger growth and healthier trees.

We also provide surfaces suitable for building perimeters that are easy to manage, can be visually inspected, are safe and are practical in every way.

We specialise in the application of alternate surfaces, usually associated with our complete landscaping projects where paving, plain, coloured or exposed concrete, pebble textures, stabilised bases, stone coverage, and other cement-based coatings are specified.



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Call Lenny Gow to discuss your requirements for any soft fall surface preparations, concrete services, paving and landscaping on:

Mail: P.O. Box 407, Garbutt, Qld, 4814
AAA Playscapes are QBCC Licence No. 68385

AAA Playscapes a division of Mevway Pty. Ltd.
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